Intro to Gin

Gin is a wonderful spirit that can be enjoyed in a huge array of cocktails from over a hundred years ago, many of which are being revived and revised with modern ingredients. It can also be used in entirely new creations that are being mixed up in cocktail bars around the world. A lot of people either have not had gin, at least in a while, or they are big fans. Gin is certainly a spirit that can be enjoyed for it's unique and varied flavors and doesn't usually end up in a shot glass.

juniper berries
asylum gin

So, what is Gin? Gin is essentially spirits flavored with, not made from, juniper berries and other supporting botanicals. Gin gets its name from the dutch word for Juniper, and it's predecessor from Holland, Jenever. Ultimately, Gin is a Vodka flavored with Juniper and other botanicals. It typically is a higher proof spirit, at or above 90 proof. Some classic gin drinks include a Gin Martini, a Negroni, a Gin & Tonic, a gimlet, or a Collins.

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