Summer Whiskey Cocktail Lists

What Is Whiskey?

Fifth State Whiskey - Fairfield County's Whiskey

A quick intro to the world of whiskey...

- All are made from a grain (typically barley, corn, wheat, and rye)

- Distilled to below 80% ABV (other countries allow higher, but not in America)

- Typically aged in oak barrels (used American barrels are often reused in other countries like Scotland and Ireland for aging their whiskey)


- Different processes and requirements in various different countries

- Bottled at or above 40% ABV

Below are links to the legal definitions of some of the most common types:

American WhiskeyIrish Whiskey | Scotch Whisky | Canadian Whisky

How do you like to drink your whiskey or our whiskey? Please share below...


Corn Whiskey & Tonic

Corn Whiskey and Tonic

People often ask how to drink corn whiskey. If you don't want to drink it chilled out of the freezer, you could always try it with some tonic water and a lemon.

But this is only a starting place. If you're a fan of Corn Whiskey you should have some fun and try it in drinks that would normally have rum, gin, tequila, or vodka. Maybe it's a variation on a margarita, a dirty martini, a mule, or even a mojito. It's up to you and your tastebuds. 

Let us know what fun drink variations you discover with Asylum Corn Whiskey!

Be sure to share with any Asylum Corn Whiskey fans in your life! 

Hot Toddy

Today is a great opportunity to try out a new drink that everyone can warm up with...

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