What is Corn Whiskey?

corn whiskey

Many people are not familiar with "corn whiskey", let's start by saying this: Corn Whiskey is basically moonshine. Asylum Corn Whiskey is 80 proof (40% abv) so that it remains drinkable on its own and also is mixable in drinks. The first thing you'll notice is a strong aroma, this is from the 100% corn base mash, which is carried through the distillation process. After you smell it, give it a couple of sips to get familiar with its flavor. Though it is 40% alcohol, it has a very smooth taste and mouthfeel.

corn whiskey

By the way, Corn Whiskey is a product that is actually recognized by the federal government whereas "moonshine" basically means nothing to them. That being said, people who have had "moonshine" love Asylum Corn Whiskey. Even if you've never tried moonshine or Corn Whiskey before, this may be the perfect spirit for you.

moonshine margarita

Give Asylum Corn Whiskey a try on its own, straight out of the freezer, or mixed in a drink like a Margarita, Corn Whiskey & Tonic, or a Hot Toddy. If you're a fan, have fun experimenting with different drinks that normally have vodka, gin, rum, or even tequila. You can also try infusions with fruits, like citrus or berries, or woods like toasted oak for your uniquely flavored corn whiskey.

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