Custom Asylum Drinks

The "Sour" is the foundation of many great drinks, here are some ways to customize & elevate your version of this classic drink. 


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Asylum Sour

2 parts Asylum Gin, Vodka, or Corn Whiskey
3/4 parts Citrus (Lemon or Lime Juice)
3/4 parts simple syrup
- Shake or stir aggressively with ice until cold
- Pour & Enjoy

Possible variations to try...

Asylum Sour Variations

- Before adding ice muddle fruits or herbs

- Use other citrus
- Use other sweetener
   - honey 1:1 with water
   - Maple Syrup 1:1 with water
   - your favorite liqueur (triple sec, amaretto, fruit liqueur, etc.)
   - flavored simple syrup
- Use in combination with other spirits, make it equal 2 parts

- Top with:
    - Club Soda
    - Flavored soda (cherry, ginger, birch, creme, etc.)
    - Sparkling wine
    - Beer (Sour, fruit, wheat, maybe citrusy IPA)
    - Cider

- Garnish with:
    - Herbs
    - Berries
    - Edible Flowers
    - Fresh fruit slices


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